Full Stack Web Developer


"Pat is technically creative, easy to work with and picks up on new concepts fast. He is an excellent candidate for a front-end developer role."

—William Turner, Thinkful Mentor and Author at Focal Press


Javascript/ES6 React Redux GraphQL SCSS LESS Node Express MongoDB AWS nginx jQuery Webpack UI/Design


Pat Jacobs

Hey there! I'm Pat. I'm a javascript focused web engineer based in sunny Orange County, California. I've gained an absurd amount of passion and disipline for web development. Being up-to-date on the current technologies and in-tune with the industry is important to me. Currently I work as a front-end web enginner at the video game company NCSOFT.

I'm also into other things: coffee, writing music, sound design, teaching, mason jars, my amazing wife and daughter, and geeking out on life in general.